December 1999 – I love all those little appetizer morsels served at fancy (catered) parties. But who has time to fuss over them at home? I prefer to make something quick and easy like a spread or dip you can whip up in the food processor.

You may want to make an appetizer or two to serve at a dinner party, or to take along to a party. Dip and chips makes a great snack anytime. During holidays, or anytime you are having friends and family over for drinks, a variety of appetizers makes a great accompaniment to a casual evening.

A very easy appetizer is a tray of assorted cheeses and crackers. Also appreciated by calorie counters (and who isn’t) is a selection of fresh vegetables with a dip.

For an easy attractive appetizer, try making spirals with sandwich wraps. Spread with your choice of fillings and roll up jelly roll fashion. Then slice into half inch to one inch slices and arrange on a tray. For festive spirals, use tomato and spinach wraps, and add colorful fillings.