February 1999 – As I write this, it is after New Year’s Day, and winter has finally arrived here in Toronto – and it is serious about making up for lost time, with cold and snow the likes of which have never been seen here (and which is causing no end to amusement to people in other parts of the country where this is of course perfectly normal winter weather!).

Anyways, when it is cold and snowy outside, a hot hearty casserole is just the thing to warm you up on a winter weekend. Mix it up and put it in to oven to bake while you go out skiing or skating (or if you are not a winter person, like I’m not, while you sit by the fire with a book).

Casseroles are mostly quick and easy to prepare. Most of these also freeze well, so I’ll make a big casserole on the weekend and freeze in individual servings for a quick meal during the week.