Holiday Favorites

December 1998 – There are lots of holidays, and lots of traditions that we develop with our families.

But none, I think, so important as the Christmas holidays. Our Christmas memories are surely some of the strongest and most special memories we have.

I remember Mom and the other women in the family, in the kitchen, preparing the traditional turkey and all the requisite accompaniments. And of course Dad carving the turkey.

I remember the Christmas crackers and the silly hats that came out of them that we would then wear through dinner. (Yes we did this one year at my brother Bob’s house too! His wife Norma made the crackers, and the silly hats that we wore through dinner.)

As our families grow and change, we add new traditions to our old favorites, to create our own unique experience.

Christmas is a time to bring out the special china, the special silverware, and the special recipes, old and new. And it’s a time to get together and share special foods with our friends, with our neighbours, with our co-workers too.

Here are some of my Christmas food traditions: snacks, special breakfast dishes, vegetables and side dishes, desserts, and even left overs.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good meal!