Rhubarb & Strawberries

May 1999 – Rhubarb was a staple item back home when I was growing up. We had a big rhubarb patch out under the plum tree, which provided rhubarb through the spring and summer. So I took it for granted – when you were in the mood for rhubarb crunch you could just go and pick the rhubarb, as much as you needed.

And then I moved to Toronto, and found that rhubarb wasn’t a staple item after all. On occasion there would be a few wilted stalks in the corner of the produce section in the grocery store. So I had to wait until I went home to Manitoba for a visit to get my rhubarb “fix”.

When I moved into a house, the first thing I did was start a small garden and the first thing I planted in that garden was my very own rhubarb patch. So now rhubarb is once again a staple item, and rhubarb muffins for Saturday breakfast are the norm.

Rhubarb is great on its own in recipes, but it also teams up beautifully with strawberries. A rhubarb strawberry pie is a sure taste of spring – even if you have taken it out of the freezer and are enjoying it in the middle of winter.

So here are lots of rhubarb alone recipes, some rhubarb and strawberry recipes, and a few strawberries alone recipes too – for good measure.

Enjoy a taste of spring!